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This week has seen a huge addition to our workshops, with a big bus filling up Unit 1. Monday morning dawned and with the car park emptied to allow the bus to manoeuvre around the space, it reversed carefully into our assembly workshop with inches to spare. The ‘Plain Jane’ bus [right]  belongs to the Whiteman Park Bus Preservation Society and we are watching the daily metamorphosing from drab to fab! A bus wrap vehicle signage project comes to life. So far the team have applied images relating to wildlife, heritage train, the Whiteman Explorer, Tractor Museum, transport heritage centre ‘Revolutions’- with more to come [see below].

Lots of skill and dexterity is on display with our master craftsman, Shea, leading the team of digital print applicators. The wrap includes the 12 metre long sides and partial side windows with one way vision. Our design team created shop drawings from artwork provided by Key2. Every side of the bus has been adorned with colourful imagery depicting the numerous attractions of Whiteman Park – Perth’s unique recreation and conservation reserve and a major tourist destination located 28km from the Perth CBD.

Turn your bus into a moving billboard

The team have one week to turn the entire surface area of the bus into customised vehicle signage. Whether it’s a single bus or a corporate fleet, an eye-catching design will enhance your brand and promote your business.  As a moving billboard, bus wrap signage is seen by thousands whether parked up or driving around. As a promotional tool it is a perfect way to capture the imagination.  Bus wraps can be partial or full, depending on designs or budget. Either way, they are hard to miss!

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising works 24×7 at a fraction of the cost of major marketing campaigns. A vehicle fleet converts into mobile billboards selling your company’s products and services. Vinyl wraps are much more cost effective than a billboard or television advertisement – arguably with just as many viewers.

Simple text on a digital image with vibrant colours can really stand out and get your message across.

Vinyl wrapping can be customised to suit your business budget and your range of fleet vehicles. If you only want to wrap certain parts of your fleet vehicle, such as your bonnet or rear, we can assist.

It also costs less to wrap your vehicle in premium grade vinyl than it does to repaint your vehicle. The vinyl naturally repels dirt and dust, keeping your vehicles looking great for longer. Consider a vinyl wrap for advertising and protection against weathering and scratches. A double advantage! If you need to change the wrap or sell the vehicle, once the vinyl is removed the paint underneath is as good as new which increases the resale value of your fleet vehicles.

This is where our vehicle signage Perth services can deliver incredible value. We’re a one-stop shop for fleet vehicle signage and vinyl wraps in Perth. Our knowledge in design, materials, production, print management, signage installation and signage removal plus our reputation for exceptional customer service makes us the best in the market.

Get on Board!

The bus links nicely to our internal ‘Get on Board’ theme – a topic we asked our staff to consider this month. We asked:

”How good are you at getting on board?”

“Do you accept and participate with an idea or project?

“Are you reluctant, hesitant (or belligerent!) when it comes to change or new things?”

All tricky questions when you start to consider the workplace and home life…

The Final Wrap!
So when developing your fleet signage ask yourself the following:
  • What do I want my viewers to remember?
  • What information do I want to promote?
  • How do I want the audience to react?

There’s a lot to consider with signage design and wraps and it all starts with an idea.

Give one of our team a call today to discuss your next project on +8 9274 5151 or contact us via email today!

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