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Welcome to the fourth edition of our Star Performer series. Here we take a look at the ‘A’ team of the Perth sign industry and unravel their many talents.

‘A business is only as good as its people’,  said Ray Kroc  – a quote that certainly stands the test of time from the founder of McDonalds who started the burger chain back in 1955.

Like Ray Kroc, we believe our people are everything!  This series takes a look behind the scenes to reveal the signage superstars that make the magic happen. These are the signage industry specialists in Perth.

Embracing the talents of different cultures enables us to adopt the best practices of many countries. As a result we keep our approach to signage fresh. We like to say that we’re a good mixture of the ‘young guns and old hats’ of the signage industry.

Signage Industry Specialist Perth

In this edition of Star Performers we feature one of our younger but highly experienced production staff who falls into both categories of ‘young gun and old hat’. At just 30 years old but with over 6 years at Signs & Lines under his belt, our ‘star’ has consistently made his mark in Unit 4 – our Router Department.

This person is a quiet achiever – someone who is supremely dependable, diligent and loyal.

This person handles materials, computer programming and precision diamond edged router bits on a daily basis. The router intricately cuts shapes into different substrates which then become 3D letters, logos or other sign elements.  The devil is definitely in the detail with this process.

Let us waste no more time and introduce Star Performer #4.

Star Performer #4 

Our fourth Star Performer is a stalwart of the production team. Alex.

Joining us in November 2013, Alex has spent most of his working life using or operating a CNC Router.

With a good grounding at McDonalds during his teenage years (courtesey of Mr Kroc!), he has trained himself up to run our CNC machine and output, taking full responsibility for the area known as Unit 4. Alex has a reputation for taking pride in his factory unit, and his name is often mentioned when we talk about ‘good housekeeping’ and our 5S programme. The fact that you could almost eat your lunch off his factory floor is a real bonus when the lunchroom gets busy! We looooovvvveeee Alex’ tidy mind and neat space ethic (and sometimes want to bottle it for other areas of the factory!).

Alex’s Star Qualities – Another Chef in the Making!

Ask anyone at S&L whose house they would go for dinner at and Alex’s name would be in the running. He has managed a win and some good podium finishes in our ‘Cook-offs’ over the years. His vegetarian food is legendary.

A Family Man

Alex has two gorgeous little ones who have joined us over the years on special occasions. This photo taken a few Christmas’ ago is one of my favourites!

When not on daddy-duty, he is fond of walking and the great outdoors.  On many occasions when asked on a Monday what the weekend looked like, Alex will have notched up some serious k’s and I know that he is often walking over 50kms a week!


Alex also loves our ‘Mo’vember’ challenges – just one of the many faces of Alex!

More about Signage industry specialists in Perth

So, to talk about Router work, or any of the other great signage we can make, call our sales team about your next project. No shape too complex or too tricky for Alex our router supremo – put him to the test, why don’t you! He is the Perth sign industry expert.

Call us today about traditional or digital signage projects on +61 8 9274 5151 or email. Alternatively check out our Yap!digital signage website.

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