A Sign Shop of many [International] Talents

Our Star Performer series is taking a look behind the scenes to reveal the signage superstars that make the magic happen. These are the signage industry specialists in Perth.

And one of the great assets of our Perth based signage team is its international flavour. With a good spread of antipodean and other nationalities, there is never a dull moment – especially when it comes to international sporting competitions! (think Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Olympics)…

Embracing the talents of different cultures enables us to adopt the best practices of many countries. As a result we keep our approach to signage fresh. With collaboration high on our agenda, this international voice allows us to bring wide opinion to our design, manufacturing, installation and management departments.

Signage Industry Specialist Perth

In this edition of Star Performers we feature one of our newer hires. Whilst his time at Signs & Lines may have been relatively short, his impact has been immense! This person upholds our qualities and strong reputation for good customer service – vital for signage industry specialists Perth. This, combined with 13+ years in the signage industry, allows him to confidently guide and advise clients through their signage requirements. Be it a major complex project or a finickity brief that requires a well thought out solution, this person is dedicated to producing meticulous signs and works of art.

Star Performer #3 – One of the Saffers!

Our third Star Performer can best be described as a one off!

Roy Viviers           [Nicknames: Mr ‘Oy]

Joining us in March 2018, Roy originally started in a Project Manager role at Signs & Lines. After a year he was selected to transition to a Sales Representative. This was above all because of his great quality of ‘getting along with everyone’.  Arriving in Perth after seven years in New Zealand, Roy originally hails from South Africa where he used to run his own sign business. He is a true bitzer – a Saffer/Kiwi/Aussie blend – whatever that might be!

When asked whether he considers himself a ‘Young Gun’ or ‘Old Hat’ his colleague answered that he’s an ‘Old Floppy Hat’. No doubt this is testament to his vintage credentials! These include considerable experience and expertise across the signage industry. However others would say it’s due to a rather large dose of rugged and a somewhat weathered appearance despite his youth. But don’t be fooled – this old floppy hat is more than meets the eye!

Roy’s Star Qualities – Keeping it on the Lowdown!

When we asked Roy what the best piece of advice he was ever given he replied, “Every action has a consequence’. This maybe be a bit of a hybrid quote and seems to be a nod to Sir Isaac Newton. Newton teaches us that ‘’For every action, there is a reaction’’. Broken down into its simplest form, when we make a choice about how to act or what to do, there is a consequence – sometimes good, sometimes bad. Recognizing that link, and taking ownership for the consequence, is an area where learning and self-improvement occur.

When questioned about whether he would prefer to be the funniest in the room or the smartest – Roy chose somewhere in between. Ask anyone in the office and he definitely leans towards the funny end of the scale. It is no coincidence that when Roy is in the office, laughter tends to follow…


Although he confessed to us that ‘make believe’ was never his strong suit, when asked if he had a superpower what would it be, he said ‘flight’. Putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 37! In conclusion maybe the Caped Crusader would be his cartoon character of choice!

Interestingly, when the zombie apocalypse comes, he will only choose 1 person to join him on his team. God gets the invite.

In keeping with Roy’s ‘floppy hat’ approach, he is distinctly unphased about the modern phone technology presented by Apps. ‘Who needs Apps? A phone is for calling’ was his response. Bet his 3 gorgeous daughters will be putting Dad right on that one!

Jack Parow’s Hat

And finally music. Roy has a tradition and it involves running his playlist on ‘LOUD’ on a Friday morning (and other mornings at random). The South African beats are not as popular as he thinks! The eclectic mix of tracks played is borne out by some of his music preferences as we found out:-

  • One of Roy’s favourite South African artists is Jack Parow – check out that hat! The ‘Cooler as Ekke’ track is a belter – feel free to check it out here.
  • On a different note, we understand that Roy’s favourite karaoke song is ‘Ironic’ by Alanis Morrisette. We’ll be testing that out at the next staff knees up!
  • And the band he would have playing at his funeral is The Killers – gotta be ‘Mr Brightside’!

I asked Roy to think about learning a new skill and what that might be? Suffice it to say I was not expecting his reply. However, what I discovered is that when his career in signage is over, Roy will be turning to Alchemy. After a quick Google search I found out that Alchemy is a form of speculative thought that aims to turn lead into gold. It aims to discover a cure for disease and a way of extending life. And it is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Most importantly, we are hoping that Roy will share his secrets and discoveries with his work colleagues once he has mastered the practice.

More about Signage industry specialists in Perth

So, to talk to Roy, or any of the other sales team about your next project, please get in touch. Now you know a little more about Roy, feel free to quiz him on some of his more liberal views and preferences based on the blog information (poetic license may have been uses in some instances!!)

Call us today about traditional or digital signage projects on +61 8 9274 5151 or email. Alternatively check out our Yap!digital signage website.

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