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Restaurant, Bar, and Pub Signage

How to drag diners and drinkers in droves to your pub, bar, or restaurant through signage.

On a Friday or Saturday night after a long week of work, there’s nothing better than a pub feed or a dine-in meal or just a drink, or five, at one of Perth’s hospitality venues. But in a city with a competitive bar, pub, and restaurant industry, how do you make sure your business stands out amongst consumers? Landmark signage for your landmark business.

Stand out from competitors significantly and draw street goers in by droves with unique, innovative, stand-out signage.

With the ongoing conversation of reforming WA’s liquor laws to increase business, evidently, there’s never a better moment than now to revamp and refresh your signage.

Benefits of Restaurant, Bar, and Pub Signage
  • Successful signage capitalises on impulse buyers
  • Reinforces a venues identity
  • Certain signs such as neon ones can attract more patrons at night than a non-lit sign
Varsity Bar Illumination

What started as a small university bar tucked away in Nedlands, is now an after-work staple. With seven locations scattered around Perth, its success is undeniable. Varsity’s bright illuminated blue sign attracts bargoers like a moth to a flame. Potentially, even more so than their Tuesday Special Wing night.

The iconic Varsity sign is impossible to miss thanks to its external illuminated signage. In order to stand out in a busy cafe strip, the external signage is illuminated through six lightboxes.

Our team manufactured and supplied the 800 x 526 x 100mm fabricated light-boxes in a shape to match the brand. Blue, translucent vinyl in the face reflects the iconic, loud brand colour. In addition, the signage internally illuminates thanks to LEDs.

It can only be assumed that this signage is what led to PerthNow naming Varsity the most popular spot to watch the current FIFA World Cup. Albeit it could be either that or their wings…

Let us Make Your Next Restaurant, Pub, or Bar Signage Project Come to Life

Let us create the magic for your next signage project for your restaurant, pub, or bar. We’re here to help – our sales team can offer over 80 years of cumulative signage experience and advice. And importantly, when quality and professionalism are what you need, we will emphatically swing into action.

For bright new signage for your call +8 9274 5151 or email today:

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