Exploring Different Types of Mining Site Signage

Our full range of mining site signage will ensure visibility, safety and security for workers and visitors. The Signs & Lines team will manufacture safety signs from a range of materials. Above all, they will be designed to withstand harsh mining site environmental conditions. And provide high visibility.

In a post Covid-19 world the time is ‘now’ to introduce innovative technology based platforms at mine sites. Time to think about interactive touchscreens? And digital display suites ideal for training? Dynamic kiosks to capture data? And important well-being initiatives? Benefits include enhanced safety, improved productivity and reduced costs.

Static Signage

For instance, static options may include:-

  • Entry signage – at the site entrance to clearly outline the name and brand. Warning signage at the entrance to the site will alert that all visitors must report to the site office.
  • Wayfinding – directional signage to help workers navigate around the site. May involve maps or blade signs at strategic points to help with right of way.
  • Information Signs – building signage for room names, plant reference codes, donga numbers, and general lifestyle information eg. administration areas, training rooms, camp mess, gym etc.
  • Safety Signage – reflective hazard signs promoted awareness of possible dangers. It gives critical instructions or important information. All safety signage must meet specific standards in Australia. So let us help to make sure you get the right signs for your circumstances.
  • High visibility signage such as Class 1 reflective and diamond grade reflective tape ideal for buildings and vehicles.
Digital Signage

Modern tech options may include:-

  • Digital Display screens in key areas showing information such as safety statistics, output values, temperature, shift information, LTID’s, shift Supervisor names & contacts;
  • Interactive touchscreens on site that measure health data of workers eg. temperature, heart rate, hydration etc;
  • Training areas – displaying safety or equipment training, inductions, updates etc;
  • Flashing safety or high risk zone signage such as speed warning signs are highly visible – flashing VMS signage creates instant awareness of speed limits. This is a low maintenance and ultra-reliable solution for high-risk areas.
  • Underground digital display assets – displaying safety or motivational messaging.

More information can be found at our website: yapdigital.com.au

Our Signs & Lines/Yap! Digital team have the expertise to design, manufacture, engrave, fabricate and produce all of the above signage types. Our in-house facility is based in Perth, Western Australia. We can custom make simple reflective tapes, metal letters or a sophisticated interactive digital touchscreen solution. Importantly our guarantee is a quality product delivered to mine site compliance and built to last.

Mining Signage Opportunities – What next?

There’s no doubt that introducing digital signage to traditional static signage opens up many new avenues for communication with mine site workers. For instance, conversations with your workers become dynamic. The great news for those working at the mine site is that the information displays are engaging and interactive. As a result corporate can provide ‘real time’ data from Head Office and beyond.

The Signs & Lines/Yap!digital team are here to do the hard work. We will apply the thinking around your mine site signage requirements. Enjoy our one-stop, advisory service. We’ll provide unbiased advice as we are not affiliated to any brands. The result – a solution designed around the signs and technology that fits your mine site requirements the best.

Let your workers and visitors have an outstandingly ‘safety first’ experience next time they visit your mine site.

We’re ready to start talking! Speak up now about your next project or idea.

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Signs & Lines/Yap!digital, 5 Meliador Way, Midvale, WA 6056 

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