City of Stirling Event Signage

Signs & Lines is proud to have completed literally thousands of signs for City of Stirling over the last decade. Our varied work can be seen for the coastal totem signs, at parks and reserves, librarys, lesiure centres, pavement and surf clubs. The City’s recent Trackless Tram innovation called for some event signage to support the trial launch event held in late November 2023.

The Tram is 30 metres long and hails from China. It is part of the City’s plan to reduce congestion – especially on the busy city to Scarborough routes – and improve access to employment and contribute to urban regeneration. The trial of the Trackless Tram has now started and runs through November 2023. Locals and stakeholders have the chance to ride the tram and be part of some user experience testing.

Our team worked with the City of Stirling to create professional pylon and information signage, plus ‘shelter’ graphics.

The timescales of the project required us to be working alongside the City during the crucial concept stage. Event signage is important to guide attendees, promote key features and create a cohesive look and feel for the event. It also provides practical visual elements and tools.

Importantly, event signage helps people find what they’re looking for and ensures they get to the right places at the right times. It helps event attendees make sense of what is often a busy, chaotic environment.

Event Sign Types
  • The Trackless Tram pylon sign has been designed to emulate a ‘typical’ station platform with key graphics aligned to the Tram branding;
  • The Information Board sign has been strategically placed on the platform. This shows travellers the key benefits of the tram ie. connecting to the sea, community and innovation with transport;
  • Shelter Graphics have been installed on the lower sides of the waiting area to align to the branding of the project.
Other Types of Event Signage

There are many different types of event signage, each with their own purpose and function. Some of the more popular types include:-

  • Wayfinding signs – these are used to guide attendees around the different areas of the event. Examples include parking, registration and the main feature area. Think of directional arrows, maps, wall graphics and text which help users navigate the event area.
  • Promotional signs – used to promote sponsors, exhibitors and vendors. Signs types include banners, posters and trade show displays.
  • Identification or ID signs – valuable to label locations around the event such as amenities, toilets, information booths, and VIP areas.
  • Event branding – helps to create a cohesive look and feel for the event. Signage may include logos, colors, and messaging to create consistency.

Planning event signage and delivering professional results relies on using an experienced company. This ensures high-quality, effective event signage that can help to enhance the overall experience for attendees.

Find … Guide … Navigate

Signs & Lines have demonstrated experience in the design, supply and installation of event wayfinding and information signage. There are many examples of different styles of event signage we have completed at high footfall, public environments. So call us now on +61 8 9274 5151 or email to find out more and be inspired!

Great Event Signage Is Transformative

Whether you need inspiration, design assistance or help managing a new event signage project, the team at Signs & Lines can take your signage from drab to fab! Our service will create a strategy and integrated plan to boost brand awareness and enhance your professional image.

So make the most of your event signage opportunities to positively engage with users and generate a great customer experience.

And yes, we can make miracles happen!

Talk to the team at Signs & Lines today.

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