Stadium Signage

The smell of hot dogs, spilled sticky drinks, and the screams and sighs of both over-joyous and disappointed fans. The atmosphere of stadiums is packed full of both emotion and people. With both in-person fans and fans at home, eyes glued to the television, there’s no better place to use signage to capture an eager audience.

Benefits of Stadium Signage

Quality signage installation is crucial for any major stadium. From playbacks to player statistics and countdowns, stadium screens are a huge element in establishing the atmosphere. Jumbo screens are essential to provide all attendees with a close-up shot of the action and enjoy the whole experience. Jumbo signs ensure that even the nosebleed section has a full view of the game.

Stadium signage isn’t just for the audience. It can be a successful cost-effective revenue raiser. From sponsors to event tickets to merchandise, stadium signage can give increased exposure to ticket holders and television watchers.

Digital signage can also be more sustainable. Unlike its predecessor, digital signage can change at the click of a button rather than requiring a complete renovation for every different event. Digital signage can also be cost-effective with its longevity. When using a trustworthy company that commits to excellence, like Signs & Lines, customers can be confident in the life of the installation.

HBF Park

At HBF Park, Signs & Lines had the unique opportunity to design, manufacture, and install two jumbo screens and ribbon screening that wraps around the oval.

With tight deadlines around event schedules, the team had their work cut out for them. But with an excellent crew, the work was done on time, and to the highest quality.

The ribbon screening is a versatile display mechanism. No matter where the focus of the audience, or the camera is, there will always be exposure.

It’s also crucial that signs installed in outdoor venus are able to remain functional despite adverse weather conditions. The screens that Signs & Lines installed are under warranty for 10 years from the supplier. This is at the far end of screen warranties and is a testament to the high-quality work Signs & Lines is a part of. For a more in depth look into this project, read our case study.

Would you like to see these screens in action? Signs & Lines high-quality signage will be on display for the world to see during the FIFA Women’s Soccer competition. The most prestigious soccer tournament is coming to HBF Park this winter! Every tackle, kick, and goal will be displayed for the world to see on the signs installed by Signs & Lines. Click here to see what else you can attend at HBF Park.

Interested in more stadium signage?

Score yourself the goal of acquiring high-quality turn-key signage solutions through Signs & Lines. Stadium signage is just one of the diverse avenues for which we provide signage. Whatever your signage needs, the team at Signs & Lines will deliver you the high-quality results that you are after.

Our team of professionals is just a phone call away. For advice on any aspect of signage call the office today at + 61 8 9274 5151 or email today.

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