Summer is in full swing, which means beach days, long walks, and lounging by the pool. However, summer also means that the UV is currently at its highest, which consequently can put thousands of unaware Australians at risk. This is why Scarborough now has its’ own UV sign. With some of the highest UV levels in the world and subsequently highest skin cancer rates, it is paramount to know the UV and act accordingly.

But it’s easy to forget to check the UV when packing the boot with the beach towels and boogie boards. As a result, the City of Stirling asked Signs & Lines to create a UV sign that measures and displays the UV levels for people to see.

UV Sign

The sign itself is created from an aluminum powder-coated frame and includes a bracket for the solar panel to attach to. For the UV display itself, a double-sided UV sign box, UV sensor extension cable, and solar panel were installed.

Far from being just a measure of the UV, the sign also includes the ways in which to protect yourself from high UV levels. Digitally printed artwork that was cold gloss laminated details how to slip, slop, slap, seek, slide, and what the different UV levels mean.

So next time you’re jumping into the Indian Ocean in Scarborough, make sure to check out this informative sign. Furthermore, make sure to protect yourself.

Sun Protection

Just as this UV Sign suggests, remember this Summer too:

  • Slip on some protective clothing
  • Slop on some sunscreen
  • Slap on a hat
  • Seek some shade
  • Slide on some eye protection

For more information on how to protect yourself from the UV, click here

Interested in installing a similar sign? No matter the sign, Signs & Lines can help you turn a signage idea from a concept to concrete.

Whatever your requirements, our turnkey service ensures that all the critical elements of the project are handled by one team. For more high-quality projects, check out our case studies.

Our team of professionals is just a phone call away. For advice on any aspect of signage call the office today at + 61 8 9274 5151 or email today.

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