Signs & Lines Fire Fighters to the Rescue

Well it is National Safe Work Month so very fitting that our fire safety has been put to the test. In a very unusual ‘double-trouble’ situation, we have had 2 fires to contend with this month. The first occured out on the road. Our noble installers, Matt and Mark, came to the rescue of this fire stricken ute on their way home from a job. Known in the trade as signies (ie people that make or install signage), it was signies to the rescue in a gallant fire-fighting moment. As they drove past the ute’s driver there are cries of ‘help’ from the audio and the boys realise that they have a fire extinguisher. By this time the flames were significant and getting worse. Another vehicle had also stopped but didn’t have a fire extinguisher.

Having spent the morning installing at Satterley Property Group‘s Seaside Estate, the team were driving home when they encountered flames flaring out of the back of a ute. The ute had parked on the side of the highway and was clearly in strife.

All our vehicles carry fire extinguishers and, as you will see from the VIDEO –  Fire Emergency 2023, this one did its job admirably. The driver was extremely grateful.

Fast Reactions – Work Safe Actions

All in a days work lads! Great to see such quick reactions in the circumstances. As you will see in the video of the events, the ute’s contents were not in very good shape. But importantly, all was well with the passengers of the ute. As Perth heads into summer, sparks from fire situations like this can be potentially hazardous causing dangerous bushfires.

You can see from the sequence of pictures below, the flames wer reasonably intense when our vehicle drove past the ute!

The second fire event occured in one of our workshops when a spark caused some mdf offcuts to flame. Again, fast thinking from Craig and Alex meant that the fire extinguisher was quickly on had to deal with the situation. Our team undertake training every 3 years for just these types of fire situations. So it is encouraging to see the training has paid off.

Quick thinking and intiative paid dividends for both these potentially dangerous events. Well done – great to see our Signies to the Rescue. 👍👍


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