Signage in the National Centre for Resilience

Hotel and home quarantine is over! The glitz and the glamour of hotel quarantine have been moved to a specialist quarantine facility. Signs & Lines have applied their signage solutions to help accomplish this. The National Centre for Resilience is located in Bullsbrook and has the potential to house 500 people.

The independent centre can function similar to an individual town. It has its own housing, kitchens, waste facilities, laundry, and medical facilities.

No small-town replica is complete without its own unique signage. Signs & Lines stepped up to the challenge! A challenge of exactly 2,162 signs! This project really displayed the diversity of solutions that are offered by Signs & Lines.

Wayfinding Signage

Need to find your way to laundry? Or to the PPE-donning room? Or are your two weeks up and you’re off to the pick-up area? Regardless of your destination; you would need wayfinding signs to find your way there.

Street Signs

No quarantine town replica is complete without its own street signage. At the National Centre for Resilience the street signs pay homage to popular places in Western Australia. These include Esperance Street, Rottnest Street, and of course the iconic Rockingham Street.

Room Signs

The importance of being able to identify the correct room, as a short-term resident or as an employee of the facility, is crucial. Clear, coherent signs are non-negotiable.

Statutory Signage

Cleanliness can be a great prevention tool in decreasing disease transfer and spread. Therefore correct toilet signs that are readable and easy to find are paramount.

Furthermore, for a more detailed view of this project, read our case study.

Setting the Signage Standard

Overall, this project provided a great portfolio of the high quality (and quantity) of the diverse range of work that Signs & Lines has on offer.

Looking for signage for your own replica town? Or even if you’re after a more specific solution, Signs & Lines can do it for you. If you’re looking for more COVID-specific related signage, read our blog article here.

Our team of professionals is just a phone call away. So for help or advice on any aspect of signage call the office today at + 61 8 9274 5151 or email admin@signsandlines.com today.


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