Quality Signage – Every Sign, Every Time

Quality signage – every sign, every time – it’s a powerful motto and one that we aspire to.

From the moment you contact our professional team, the wheels go into motion to create a sign masterpiece. Whether a big, complex sign or multiples of small signs, our quality management system (QMS) is designed to ensure that every custom sign is processed using established systems and procedures. Like a well oiled machine, our design, manufacturing and installation teams dedicate their time to perfecting their part of the signage process.

Quality Control Tools

There are many approaches to quality control in our QMS. The approach used depends on the stage of the sign product but will always include artwork, or shop drawings, that detail exactly how the signage will look for client approval before we set to work.  Every job has a unique ID number so that we can track and trace through the system, and we prepare a Job Card to outline the specific requirements for the signage. Other control tools  may include GANTT charts for planning,  checklists to note the status of signs, and test reports that are used to test LED illumination, digital signage content, paint quality, weld tests etc.

Each member of the team is tasked with being a ‘quality control inspector’. It’s up to everyone to critique our work and use the available QMS tools and systems to do a complete analysis of the sign product prior to passing it onto the next phrase of production.  The ‘care factor’ is instilled in each of us.

Our QMS was certified to ISO9001 for 7 years between 2010-2017 so we are confident that our systems are well designed for quality signage. Why not put us to the test? For your next lightbox, pylon, illuminated graphics, reception sign or digital display suite, give Perth’s most professional team a call on 08 9274 5151 or email us at admin@signsandlines.com.

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