When the Humans Go Into Lockdown – Signs Protect our Planet

It’s great to see all the ‘earth centered’ positivity created as a result of this COVID-19 downturn. Amid all the doom and gloom, there are beautiful re-awakenings on our planet. Some signs are coming in the shape of a social recognition of a ‘society gone too far’. Some are in the statistics that show our world is breathing again – almost breathing a sigh of relief. Other signs are being seen in our air and water quality which are improving both locally, nationally and internationally. These are good signs protect our planet.

What price car and air travel plays on our environment? With emissions dropping worldwide, scientists  predict that carbon emissions will decrease by 5% in 2020.  Demand for fossil fuels is lower than it has been in a long time. This is due in large part to the economic decline, lower demand from transportation and slower manufacturing sector.

Thankfully there are now reports of animals coming out to breed – such as the endangered sea turtles in Brazil that can now hatch in peace and quiet without the tourist masses.  Then there are the species that are coming out to play – have you heard about the goats in Wales, coyotes on the loose in San Francisco and quite a few rats out and about. When social distancing allows, the increase in walkers is playing havoc with the native fauna but we still saw a couple of Quendas in our local bushland last weekend having a quiet burrow.

With much of the world staying home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, animals have ventured out where normally the presence of people would keep them away.

Staying on animals, the Chinese illegal wildlife trade has been exposed on a much greater scale. Therefore this will bring more attention to the issues this raises – from a disease and conservation perspective.

Our future generations will be so much more aware of these issues thankfully.

Environmental Win?

We are being warned against claiming an environmental win.

The unprecedented situation we are facing at the moment is still unfolding. As a result much as our planet has sighed in relief, economic regeneration is essential.

Maybe we can hope for greater environmental consideration going forward.  Most importantly, the reset button has be pressed with a higher regard for the world we live in.

[See pic for the Quenda we saw at Star Swamp last week!]

Our Small Part in Waste Management

Our 40KW solar system which has been providing over half of our electricity output for the last 8 years. In addition, our recent recycling certificates from a  job are proof that the decommissioning  of a sign is taken seriously.

Don’t you just love doing a good turn for the environment? Because we love these signs protect the planet. Find out more about our pursuit of excellence here.

To find out more about our signs and how we act responsibly and sustainably, contact us today on:

08 9274 5151 or email

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