Quality Signage Team – A Sign Shop of many Talents

It takes many talents to achieve an outstanding result and create quality signage. And most of all it takes a quality signage team!

Luckily for Signs & Lines we are not running low in the talent department. Our team has many outstanding contributors amongst our design, manufacturing, installation and management personnel. Thanks to a good reputation and robust recruitment policy, our team are highly skilled, cohesive. Importantly they genuinely want to produce great signage. Something so precious should be bottled and sold for millions!!

In this Star Performer series we take a look behind the façade to the people that make the magic happen.

All the team are Star Performers in their own right. Over the next few months we will take a sneak-peak into the crew from a few different angles. As a result we’ll outline some well-hidden facts and non-signage related insights. Be prepared!

Quality Signage Team – Our First Star Performer

So our first Star Performer can best be described as our oldest and dearest employee, laying claim to a staggering 27 years with Signs & Lines.

Peter Monkhouse ………… [nicknames: Bob or Monkey]

Starting under the previous owners of Signs & Lines, Peter was employed to work as part of a small team doing spray-painting, metal fabrication and installation. Back on 20th January 1993 he started his journey at Signs & Lines. When asked last week whether he considers himself a ‘Young Gun’ or ‘Old Hat’ his answer was ‘both’!! There’s no doubt that Peter is young at heart as his regular tales and funny stories will attest.

Over the years Peter has witnessed much change at Signs & Lines and within the signage industry itself.  He up-skilled into a Lead Installer, taking on some of our more complex and challenging sign installations. In charge of a team he clocked up hundreds and thousands of kilometres around WA. Along the way he has nurtured our string of quality signage apprentices over the last 9 years, watching them blossom under his tutorage.

Nowadays Peter has a somewhat less rigorous agenda at Signs & Lines, working on a part-time basis, and finding ways to assist in-house. It seems he is taking the advice of his father to ‘enjoy life’ and so he should!

Peter’s Star Qualities – The Lowdown on Pete

We recently asked Peter what cartoon character he would like to hang out with – Top Cat was his answer (and a personal favourite of mine too!). I personally think Top Cat maybe a nod to his cheeky side and always trying to outdo Officer Dibble…

We questioned Peter about whether he would prefer to be the funniest in the room or the smartest. And Peter chose funniest and isn’t that the truth! His English wit and storytelling ability are legendary.

Interestingly, when the zombie apocalypse comes, he would be choosing 3 workmates to be on his team – Jason, Ryan and Rod (not sure where wife Linda comes in Peter!). And, if he had the opportunity to learn a new skill he would like to be an Electrician (I guess there’s still time).

As a sign of the times, when grilled about his 3 ‘must have’ apps from his smartphone, Peter chose Stocks & Shares, Covid-19 and Fit Bit.

We all know Peter is a creature of habit with a daily routine that must involve a cup of tea and radio show, The Archers, at smoko. Whether on site or in the factory, everyone knows where to find Peter at 10am!

And finally, when Peter steps up sing Karaoke his favourite song is ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra. One of the verses to the song seems a fitting way to end this glimpse into one of Signs & Lines’ star performers.

‘I’ve lived a life that’s full
I’ve travelled each and every highway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way’

[Full song here]

To talk to us about your next quality signage project call +61 8 9274 5151 or email today. Alternatively check out our Yap!digital signage website.

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