Ability WA are a disability service provider in Perth. It provides support and care to individuals and families living with autism, physical disabilities and more. Our office fitout signage project for Ability WA at the Murdoch Square premises involved a range of signage designed to inform and engage with visitors and users.

As signage projects go, the Ability WA Office Fitout in Perth’s southern suburbs was a standout. A big claim, you may say, but it’s not everyday we get to work with design innovation in such a dramatic and striking way.

Project Outline

The project called on a full range of skills from our Signs & Lines team. Right from design, through to graphics, spraypainting, assembly and installation, this work required a good combination of internal factory and on site installation work from Perth’s leading signage company. There were ten different sign types specified for this office fitout:-

  1. Reception signage – profile cut, 3mm acrylic letters painted in a satin 2pac finish. Pinned on the wall surface by 10mm using letter mounts;
  2. Room names – 28 meeting rooms made from computer cut matt black vinyl;
  3. Astronaut window graphics – a double sided digital print, matt laminated and applied to gym glazing plus a white single sided astronaut in white vinly.
  4. Room name aluminium Blades – installed in 14 locations and made from 3mm aluminium with radium end and folded returns. Laser cut 2mm gloss white acrylic lettering. Blade mechanically fixed to tech panel;
  5. Bathroom and amenities aluminium blades; double side, made and produced like the room name blades;
  6. Star logo floor graphics in 3 locations and anti-slip yellow banding – 3 digitally printed floor graphics with anti-slip laminate applied direct to the floor surface;
  7. Custom glazing film on office glass – 23 sets of digitally printed glazing graphics applied full height and width of window glazing;
  8. Locker numbers – digitally printed and vinyl numbering;
  9. Customer engagement graphics – featuring stars, hands and hearts made from digital prints and matt laminated. Installed onto wall surface;
  10. Wall graphics – featuring rockets, stars and paper aeroplanes made from digital prints and matt laminated. Installed onto wall surface.
Lasting Impressions Count

There are so many striking options in this fitout space. While glass graphics have always been a popular choice, this project and others we have completed recently show that there is much visual storytelling that can be achieved through clever us of signage for reception desks, storywalls and wall graphics.

The Ability WA office fitout signage is a great example of how a bold statement can make a lasting impression. Adding a positive aesthetic and vibrant colours makes a bold statement. It also goes a long way to help inspire and educate the users, workers and visitors to an office, retail, commercial or other destination venue.

Great Fitout Signage is Transformative

Whether you need inspiration, design assistance or help managing a new fitout or retail signage project, our team can take your brief and transform your space. Our service is always responsive. We pride ourselves on a full service approach. Our team will go the extra mile to boost brand awareness and enhance your professional image.

Make the most of your building canvas and use this space to engage your audience with beautiful and transformative imagery.

Talk to the team at Signs & Lines today.

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