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From individually LED, illuminated letters to backlit signs and lightboxes, LED’s are everywhere in today’s ultra-lit society. And, even when the majority of the population go to sleep, the LED lights keep shining!

Although it may seem obvious, the lighting element of illuminated signage is incredibly important, however it’s often overlooked. We don’t just put a light behind a graphic or logo, we develop a custom lighting setup that matches the effect you’re looking for, in the location you specify.

Signs & Lines will deliver end to end design and manufacturing services for all your illuminated signage needs. Our technical design team will collaborate with you to specify the perfect solution to meet your criteria, location, budget, etc. Our shop drawings will outline all the technical elements and provide a full visual of your final signage prior to production. Full testing will be performed in-house prior to installation.

Choosing brightly lit, illuminated signage is a great choice for those seeking to promote their business or service with 24/7 exposure. We recommend that most sign illumination is provided by LEDs as they offer by far the best efficiency, reliability and longevity. They come in a good range of colours and can be custom styled to create different types of ‘look’ depending on your branding and marketing goals. Our team of designers will take your requirements and create eye-catching designs using different choices of acrylic colour, construction detail and LED colour.

Face Lit LED Signage

Signs that are ‘face lit’ illuminated have LED’s mounted inside a 3D fabricated letter or shape to illuminate the face perfectly. Available in any shape, colour or size, these signs will usually have a metal return to a specified depth, an acrylic face and a solid back.

Halo Lit LED Signage

‘Halo lit’ illumination is similar to ‘face lit’ except the face is usually solid metal or acrylic, and the backing is clear. LED’s are mounted to the inside of the face pointing backwards to allow light to exit out of the back of the letter/shape.

Signs & Lines specialises in LED signage and can advise, design, manufacture and install the variety of LED signage available on the market. Our digital division, Yap!digital can assist with dynamic, interactive solutions such as video walls, touchscreens, digital displays and kiosks.

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