International Women’s Day!

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Cracking the Code: Innovation for a Gender Equal Future’.  What does this theme mean to Signs & Lines? The theme itself emphasises the importance of bold, transformative ideas, inclusive technologies, and accessible education for women.

We asked our female super team what this theme means to them. Accounts Manager, Robyn, related to all three of these ideas and related them to successfully completed projects.

‘Being part of the of the finance administration within a Large Digital Project such as HBF Park Videoboard and LED Ribbon Board Signage has given me knowledge in areas of finance which have been self-taught and enabled me to feel confident to move forward in other projects of this dynamic’.

Sarah, Graphic Design Super Star, shared that, “I love to share my bold, transformative ideas at Signs & Lines to inspire motivation and energise the organisation.”

Cracking the Code

The theme of ‘Cracking the Code’ for a gender equal future is a fantastic theme. Whether it’s cracking the code or breaking the glass ceiling, this theme encourages women to forgo previous societal limitations and tear down stereotypes. At Signs & Lines, our 4 female managers have all done exactly that!

According to the last Census, the Signage industry is only made up of 12% females! And with the same survey saying this is a growing industry, it’s the perfect time to crack the code by giving it a crack!

As clearly seen on Operations Manager Josie, there’s no colour more flattering than fluorescent orange! On the topic of women in the signage industry, Josie couldn’t be more encouraging; ‘Whilst signage is mainly male dominated, I would strongly encourage everyone – and especially women – to apply to be part of exciting, dynamic and educative industry.’

Find your Way with a Signage Career

To build a signage career, crack the code and take a step into being an industry super star. Today is the day to give us a call on 08 9274 5151.

Signs & Lines have demonstrated experience junior and senior roles in graphic design, production and sign making to help us build and install our many varied types of signs. Refer to all the different styles of signage on our websites, our signage case studies and digital signage case studies.

Every year we take on apprentices in either the Sign and Graphics or Manufacturing skill areas.  If this is something that you’re passionate about, then call us to have a chat. We’re only a phone call away!  Many of our current staff have completed their sign education and industry training with us proving that it’s a great place to start your career.

In terms of accessible education, Signs & Lines would love for any women out there wanting a job in an exciting industry that combines creativity with practicality to contact us to see if you’d be a good fit!

We are always on the lookout for powerful, passionate, team players who want to be part of our busy team

Make the most of your opportunities – talk to Signs & Lines today at 08 9274 5151

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