Ingenious signage design – yes, it’s a Camel!

It’s not every day that you see a camel in the workplace but today was one of them!

Our ingenious design team answered the brief to create a cut-out sign to resemble “Rusty” the Camel… a long-standing feature of the *Revolutions Transport Museum at Whiteman Park in Perth’s north.

“Rusty” was constructed out of corten and installed outside the Museum many years ago. The new kid on the block – affectionately named “Woody” by our team – will be an indoor replica display in raw materials.  From an innovative design solution “Woody” fits together out of minimal pieces of ply.  He was produced using our CNC router to cut out 12mm ply timber shapes to fit together to make a self-standing camel.


Western Australia is now home to the largest herd of feral camels in the world, with 45% of the nation’s camels. Most camel herds are domesticated in other parts of the world. In the Australian desert, camels may now out number red kangaroos by 100 to 1.
There are approximately 1 to 1.2 million feral camels in Australia, and their numbers are thought to be doubling every 8-9 years.
It’s fair to say that signage comes in all shapes and sizes! For an innovative signage design give our team a call on 08 9274 5151.
*Revolutions Transport Museum is the State’s only land transport heritage museum – it is an engaging exhibition that showcases the far reaching impact that our transport choices have made, and are making, on Western Australian lives and landscapes.
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