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The different sign types we make at Signs & Lines is a very long, exhaustive list!  Many clients use our expertise for custom signage. Importantly interactive signage is a key feature on the custom list – and it’s one of the key reasons why our team is held in such high regard.  In September 2023 we created an interactive signage exhibit for one of WA’s most well-known household names – Water Corporation. We were commissioned by Water Corporation  via The Brand Agency to create an interactive signage exhibit for the Perth Royal Show. The exhibit aimed to show how seawater is made ready to drink through a series of desalination techniques. Did you know that over half of Perth’s drinking water comes from the Indian Ocean?

Water Corporation’s interactive display was located in the Woolworth Ag Pavillion/Farm 2 Food. The exhibit aimed to show young and old how seawater is made ready to drink through a series of desalination techniques. For the scientists out there –  a visual way to see how salt water is adapted into fresh water through the process of reverse osmosis.  Many visitors visited the stand during the 8-day Show where Watercorp’s friendly staff were on hand to answer questions and guide them through the engaging display. Read more in our Case Study.


  • Project:              Water Corporation Interactive Signage Exhibit
  • Location:           Perth Royal Show, Claremount Showgrounds
  • Environment:   Internal
  • Client:                Water Corporation
  • Date:                   2023
  • Features:           Interactive signage element showing desalination process
Perth Royal Show History

The Royal Show is a much loved and highly anticipated community event. As well as entertainment, events and showbags, it’s also an platform for hosting exhibitions aimed at promoting and educating Western Australian’s about local agriculture.

Water Corporation has been a regular exhibitor at the Show. Owned by the State government, Water Corporation is the principal supplier of water, drainage, wastewater, and irrigation services. Their aim is to create and develop new methods to improve the State’s water sustainability both now and for the future. The Perth Royal show began in 1834 as the Annual Fair and Cattle show in Guildford. In 1902 the state government granted the Royal Agricultural Society of WA (RASWA) land in Claremont. Since then the show has grown significantly. Since 1905 the number of people attending the Show has grown from 30,000 to 350,000 people each year.

Designed Right

Getting the design correct is always a challenge – with many factors such as price, quality and aesthetic to be considered. So when you choose Signs & Lines, you get our whole team working to make a quality project.

Like many projects, this one passed through the hands of many people. Every department from sales, design, workshop, assembly and installation were involved so effective teamwork was critical to maintain consistency. And ensure everyone worked towards a common goal.

During the conceptual phase of the project, our design team created meticulous drawings. Some of the design criteria included:-

  • Not too large
  • Not too heavy
  • Robust enough to for interaction during the Royal Show and beyond
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Engaging
  • Good viewpoints from all angles
  • Educational
  • Easy to debmobilise and remobilise.
Custom Signage Elements

The overall length of the interactive stand was over 3 metres with a working height of just over a metre allowing both adults and children to interact with the display. The stand consists of a number of custom acrylic features which had to be carefully prototyped in advance:-

  • Box A – clear acrylic, with 2 handles allowing it to be flipped. Filled with sand, fish and seaweed contained in a filter space;
  • Barrel – clear acrylic with handles each end allowing it to be rotated. Filled with plastic balls to represent finer particles;
  • Box B – clear acrylic filled with sand and glitter. Static with hand pump primer bulb and hoses at the sides blowing the coloured pellets around – watch video;
  • Fabricated Tap – static and bolted to a steel pipe.

All elements were connected via pipes.

Every edge had to be is considered, and every corner perfected to provide a professional yet inviting interactive display. The acrylic panels were designed, routered and constructed to an incredible level of detail. The finished design was completed in-house for testing and then decommissioned prior to being installed at the show.

The project was installed without issue – testament to the proficiency of our lead installer, as well as the meticulous planning and forward thinking of the project. Water Corporation were delighted on the way the display showed how salt water is adapted into fresh water through the process of reverse osmosis.

The Final Wrap

Importantly, our team will give you a non-biased recommendations and gear your signage to the future. Our experience of custom made static and digital signage solutions will ensure that you receive our trademark outstanding experience.

We’re ready to start talking! So speak up now about your next project or idea. Call our team today for help, guidance and no obligation pricing.

T + 61 8 9274 5151 or email today!

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