Hotel Signage Shines at the Ingot Hotel

With tens of thousands of people coming and going throughout hotels every year, what are the key ingredients to your patrons enjoying the hotel and the hotel engaging with them at the same time? One of the answers to this is wayfinding signage.

When guests are unfamiliar with the hotel space it’s essential that the signage provided is clear and helpful. Our recent works at the Ingot Hotel on Perth’s busy airport/city corridor on the Great Eastern Highway, allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in this hospitality environment.​

For Ingot Hotel the signage suite included the following types of signage:

Main building sign – the main logo ID for the hotel;
Welcome pylon signage – in reception and parking areas;
Illuminated bulkhead signage – illuminated over main entrance & restaurant;
Internal – wall signage at reception, bars & restaurants and floor directories;
Directional room & door numbers – identifying each room, amenities or guest area;
Glazing decals – for glass areas with stencil cut out detail;
Statutory signage – compliance for fire, doors & braille amenities;

This list can be extensively added to through digital signage which offers guests interactive, touchscreen or display information relating to events, special offers, what’s on in Perth, news, weather and a range of other useful information.

Read more about this project – CASE STUDY.

​The Final Wrap
If you need inspiration, design assistance or help managing your next hotel or hospitality project, the team at Signs & Lines and Yap!digital can take you on a journey. Our design and production teams will make sure you get the most of your signage, guiding you every step of the way.

Talk to the team today:
Signs & Lines – Mark Simmonds on +8 9274 5151 or email:

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