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2020 has been a year of acute focus on health and healthcare in general. However there is nothing like a global pandemic to shift the nation’s attention to the capacity and competency of hospitals. Whilst Australia’s response to Covid-19 has been gold standard, the efficiency of our healthcare centres has come under the microscope. Not only from the medical perspective… Importantly, hospitals are being widely scrutinised for their ability to cope with an influx of patients and visitors. This hospital wayfinding Case Study reviews the vital role that signage plays.

Reducing the stress of a hospital environment becomes a key goal of effective wayfinding systems. Importantly, the Signs & Lines team will work closely with you to ensure your wayfinding signage is clear, strategic and workplace compliant. And we have demonstrated experience in this field!

External Healthcare Wayfinding Solutions

In the external areas of a hospital campus, building signs, regulatory and directional signage are vital.

A good wayfinding strategy will see well branded, clear, directional totems, monoliths and pylons being used to guide pedestrians, motorists and public transport users.

For QEII Medical Centre Trust Signs & Lines has designed, manufactured and installed over 45 external wayfinding totems around the campus. This has occurred over a couple of stages. As a result the directional signage throughout is on brand and consistent.

Stages of Work

Firstly, in mid-2018 we completed Stage 1b.

  • six identical large totems at 3.3m high with directional information displayed;
  • three 2m monoliths.

Secondly, during Stage 2 in 2020 we added37 new signs.

  • twenty-eight 3m double sided pedestrian markers with integrated site maps;
  • nine 2.4m double sided vehicle traffic markers across the campus.

Design for both stages of work followed a consistent theme. It was stylised to be simple, informative and easily recognisable as belonging to the QEII Medical Centre Trust campus.

The signage provided wayfinding from and to staff parking areas, visitor carparks, provided traffic information such as ‘No Exit’ and speed limits. Integrated and updatable site maps are displayed in snapper display frames with over 25 map legends.

Given the complexity of the site, arrows clearly indicated directions to the various medical centres. Each totem sign has a large alphabet letter at the top to provide location assistance eg. R, T, S. However, whilst these details appear minor and obvious, good hospital wayfinding signage needs to accomplish a lot of detail delivered simply.

Installation Challenges

Installation in complex healthcare environments requires diligence and expertise. The labyrinth of underground services necessitates careful planning, scanning and care. This attention to detail is what makes our team specialists in this type of environment.

Take your Hospital Wayfinding Signage to the Next Level

In the same way that medical excellence is a given, so too is the importance of easy navigation at a hospital. Importantly this includes reducing stress. As a result good wayfinding signage will provide users with the tools to access hospital facilities with ease. Both go hand in hand. They are vital for customer satisfaction, well-being and safety.

Fundamentally, through the right combination of static and digital signage, hospital signage can really make a difference to the customer experience. We help healthcare facilities find the right signage for their environment. Above all we will work together to find the best combination of digital and static signs.

Our team of professionals are just a phone call away. So for help or advice on any aspect of hospital signage call the office today on + 61 8 9274 5151 or email  today.

We’re ready to start talking! So speak up now about your next project or idea by contacting us:-

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