Traditional Brush Skills

Signage doesn’t have to be complicated to have an impact. Case in point – traditional brush skills. Some might say a dying art, but every now and then we get a project and client keen to use this old-school technique to elevate their brand. Traditional signwriters do not depend on technology like modern signage. They set out a sign with chalk and write or paint it by eye in freehand. These days, designs are often created by hand on a drawing board and later combined with CAD software for preliminary layout production – or pounce.

This hand painted orange logo was crafted by brush on a Built crane counterweight for all to see.

The crane is destined for Wellington Street in Perth’s CBD. So when you see the bright orange logos you’ll know exactly how they got there!

Check out the video that shows the skills of our talented hand brush master, Jeff.

History of Signwriting

People have used traditional signwriting since the beginning of recorded history. The craft of painting signs, originally using pictures or symbols, evolved as very few people could read. It’s an ancient craft with examples dating back to Roman times in Western civilisations.  This is why Roman Square Capitals, which were made using calligraphy on marble, is the foundation for Western typography.

Fast forward and painting lettering on signs became common in eighteenth-century England when literacy rates increased. The progress of signwriting started during the Victorian era in 1854. During this time techniques such as glass-gilding were firmly established. Some sign writings were kept in the wreckage of Pompeii where their writings had been used for elections and games.

The Final Wrap

Need something simple but different?  Maybe traditional brush skills are the answer. Whatever the purpose, you can guarantee that your solution will be unique as the hand that has painted it.

The Signs & Lines team will give you a non-biased recommendations and gear your signage to the future. Whether it be traditional sign writing or modern digital signage solutions, we will ensure that you receive our trademark outstanding experience. Put us to the test!

Simple signage, done right. Find out how #SignsandLines can elevate your brand. Speak to the professionals today.

T + 61 8 9274 5151 or email.


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