Put your windows to work with glazing, frosting and graphics! Window decals are images, graphics, and letters (or a combination of the three) adhered to a glass surface. They are also called vinyl window stickers, window clings, and window graphics.

Glass surfaces are prime real estate for any retail, shopping centre, venue, office or business. It’s important to take advantage of every square inch to promote your brand and attract custsomers. In many offices, glazing is used to as privacy frosting to provide a degree of compartmentalisation in different areas. Personalising a space is also a personal decision (my personal fabourite was the dragonfly frosting which was on my office windows for many years!).

Window films come in a vast range of finishes and specialised features to suit any situation. Innovative technology makes installs and removals easy and efficient – just ask you favouite Sign company – Signs & Lines!

Showcase your business on Glass!
Signs & Lines offer an extensive range of glazing, frosting and graphics available in standard or custom sizes and shapes. Create a lasting impression in your foyer or reception area with a custom printed glass sign with your company logo or image. Our custom service means that we will manufactured specifically to suit the space. Our design team will prepare detailed shop drawings showing the visual of how your signage will look once finished, and recording meticulous details so that the glazing, frosting and graphics fit perfectly. After all, the devil’s in the detail!
Graphic solutions can also be printed with a transparent or opaque finish which is an important consideration if the sign is backlit and requires light to run through it.
Colour, Brand and Impact

Add colour and brand impact, or create privacy with high quality glass and window signs and frosting. Windows are a free, blank canvas you can use as additional advertising and brand awareness space, or get creative with graphics, photography and brand imagery.

Choose between the following options:-

  • Full colour digital prints
  • Block out vinyl
  • One way vision
  • Vinyl cut graphics and decals
  • Window frosting
  • Negative cut window signs
Great Graphics are Transformative!

Whether you need inspiration, design assistance or help managing a new graphics or signage project, the team at Signs & Lines can take your signs from drab to fab! Our service includes creating an integrated plan that will boost brand awareness and enhance your professional image.

Make the most of your glass and glazing with createive signage solutions. We can help you maximise your brand and signage with glazing, frosting and graphics – it’s a business no brainer!

Talk to the team at Signs & Lines today. +61 8 9274 5151 or email.



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