We’ve recently being doing some information signs for Perth Airport to upgrade their escalator signage. Whilst obviously a serious public service message, the reference to ‘Caution if wearing Crocs’ made me chuckle. Only in Australia would there be signs relating to ‘Crocs’ footwear.

Whatever next? Thongs too maybe!

We make hundreds of general information signs every year so it’s fair to see one every now and then that’s a bit out of the ordinary. Typically, information signage is a clear, legible and noticeable sign that informs people or gives them instructions. Examples include traffic signs such as a stop sign, an A-frame with safety information or a hazard sign on a chemical bin.

Information signs can be large or small, made of any type of material and be mounted onto walls, posts or free-standing. There are literally thousands of different applications and sign types.

Whilst information signs have a serious purpose, and can be widely used to advise people Warnings, Caution, Danger etc, they come in many shapes and sizes.

They may also be made in the form of a Statutory Sign – often needed for compliance in public environments and for building regulations. As such Statutory Signs are required by law and identify compulsory building services such as fire, emergency exits and amenities. Braille and tactile signs, for people who are blind or have low vision, also fall within this category.

To get assistance with your information signs, call the Signs & Lines office on 08 9274 5151 or email: admin@signsandlines.com.

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