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Forrestfield-Airport Link Digital Signage

Finally, the Forrestfield-Airport Link is open for commuters, holiday goers and FIFO workers! After a few building delays…

Firstly, sinkholes opened up during the train line excavation.

Secondly, flooding prevented even more development.

Thirdly, a global pandemic prevented crews from building.

Fourthly, supply issues were caused due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Whilst this may sound like the start of a precautionary biblical tale, it was actually the background of the Metronet Forrestfield-Airport train line development! As they say, ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’!

Forrestfield-Airport Link

This is the first new addition to the Perth train system in 15 years. The project helped the economy by creating a wave of jobs and employment opportunities in order to complete the mammoth task. Signs & Lines stepped up to the challenge to help deliver this project. Between the Australian and Western Australian government, $1.86 billion has been invested in the Forrestfield-Airport Link.

Digital Signage

A new train line, with several stations; Redcliffe, Airport Central, and High Wycombe, means lots of new signage. Digital signage is a great signage option that was the perfect solution for a normally inaccessible area such as a train station platform. Unlike static signage, the message displays can all be controlled electronically.

However, the initial installation was the result of lots of careful logistical planning. Working in a live working site that was inundated with other trades, careful OHS decisions had to be made to make sure the project was carried out as successfully as possible.

The Yap! Digital division of Signs & Lines specialises in digital screens, offers turnkey solutions that are especially helpful in a multifaceted project like this. Turnkey solutions means that the solution on offer by Yap! Digital is carrying the project from conception to fruition. This means helping businesses and individuals every step of the way. To see more concrete examples of this start-to-end service, explore our case studies here.

Practice makes Perfect

With 16 screens and frames to deliver and install, each weighing 800kg, it had to be carried out with precise detail. To ensure a smooth installation 100% of the time, Signs & Lines carried out a mock install. After flawless success, it was time for the real deal.

Next time you’re riding out on the Forrestfield-Airport Link to Catch a flight, remember to check out the digital screens. Alternatively, for more detail on this unique signage opportunity access our Case Study here.

Our team of professionals is just a phone call away. So for help or advice on any aspect of signage email today. Alternatively, contact us at the office and call + 61 8 9274 5151

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