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Throughout 2018 and 2019 Signs & Lines were engaged by Lend Lease to supply a full range of internal wayfinding and external building signage for Forrest Chase Shopping Centre. The work included replacement of the 3D illuminated lettering on top of the shopping centre elevations, plus a number of stylish wayfinding elements such as totems, lift directories and directional signs.

The major works construction programme commenced in January 2018, with various signage works starting across 4 main stages. New logos were positioned on four elevations around the building. Existing signage was removed and replaced with new 3D illuminated lettering installed on the 3rd Level rooftop area.

Full details can be found in our Case Study here.

The Wayfinding Brief

A wayfinding system was developed to guide shoppers and users through the two shopping precincts and direct them to other local interfaces, such as the Perth Rail Station, Perth Cultural Centre, Hay Street Mall, etc. The wayfinding signage we produced encompassed the following sign types:-

  • One 3 metre LED illuminated directional totem with halo lit header;
  • Three 2 metre ‘City of Perth’ branded directional totems with angled tops. The signs were located at significant locations near stairways, overpasses and escalators to guide shoppers and city-goers around the space and direct them to the main and underground train Stations;
  • Five 1 metre ‘City of Perth’ branded wayfinding signs mounted to steel columns at eye level and painted with 2 pac paint;
  • Three double-sided overhead wayfinding signs in various sizes up to 2.5 metres long, painted with 2 pac paint and anti-graffiti coat. Signs designed to direct people through the space to key locations and amenities;
  • Nine lift signs installed in lift car and branded ‘City of Perth’ to assist with Basement, Ground and Level 1 navigation;
  • Twenty lift directory wayfinding signs installed on all levels to highlight Basement up to Level 3 tenants locations;
  • Directional droppers to lead people to amenities.

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