An icon is a person or thing widely admired especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sphere. And it’s fair to say that the Florence Icon sign – which stands tall at 12 meters high – fits this description well!  The towering height of the Satterley Property Group’s land development sign instantly captures the attention of passers-by and potential buyers. Located at a prominent site in WA’s south-west, this sign acts as a beacon. It both draws people’s gaze and ignites curiosity.

Project Details

At the outset our team prepared workshop drawings, obtained engineering approval and processed the necessary council applications.

The Florence icon sign has a well-crafted design that incorporates Satterley’s logo. The colour palette of orange and blue, and consistent branding elements, reinforces the identity of the land property group. It boasts a large surface area of 3m x 3m x 12m with graphics on all four sides. The icon sign was constructed with a steel framework and internal superstructure to base plates. A 2 pac painted aluminium capping section was created for the top of the icon.

Full length artwork panels were prepared from 4mm ACP and clad with digitally prints with a cold gloss laminate.  To ensure a good fit, the team prepared an in-factory test applicaiton of the graphic panels to the superstructure. This was to ensure all panels fitted neatly onto the icon sign structure before disassembling and preparing for despatch to site.

Installation Methodology

Our installation team prepared the footings during an advance trip. This trip included excavation, rio cage placement and 3 trucks of poured concrete. After a curing time, the sign was delivered to site using a hiab with oversize approval. The steel frame was lifted into place using a franna crane with authorised rigger. The M20 cage bolts were used to attach the sign to the footing. The graphic panels were then lifted into place and fixed to the superstructure in a process that took less than a day.

The project involved large scale movements with meticulous installation of large graphics panels to ensure the imagery aligned. Overall it was was a fabrication and installation success.

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