Curved digital sign on Wellington Street

The new large format curved digital sign we recently installed for JCDecaux looks impressive during the day, and even more impressive by night! Curved digital signs are not that common (and not that easy!) so this one is definitely makes a statement.

If you haven’t seen it yet you will next time you pass RAC Arena, or drive east on Wellington Street in Perth’s CBD.

The massive, 12 metre long superstructure was commissioned in our carpark (see pic left) as we waited for the multitude of site permits to be locked in.

Night works were specified to minimise disruption to the CBD and main access road, Wellington Street, so our teams worked between 9pm and 6am over a number of night shifts.

The initial works included removal of an existing static billboard. A crane was used to dismantle the frames of the old sign and hiabs transported the dismembered signs to a waste facility.

After full commissioning of the digital billboard in our factory, cranes and hiabs were used to transport the sign from our facility to site in a couple of pieces. Due to its size this was the only option! On site cranes then craned up and we assembled the billboard.

The project management team went into action following a detailed site survey. The planned works were mapped and time-lined to include all of the following, obtained and negotiated with key stakeholders involved in the permitting process:-

  • Certificate of Design Compliance
  • Traffic management plan (TMP)
  • Noise management plan (NMP)
  • Obstruction & Footpath permits
  • Letter to residents
  • Proof of letter drop or plan to letter drop
  • City of Perth Engineer – responsible for  approving part of the Obstruction permits

The steel surfaces of the sign were treated with a class 2.5 abrasive blast clean, inorganic zinc silicate in a grey colour for durabilty. In addition to the digital faces, the design allowed for a walkway with expanded mesh flooring, a hatch, door and ladder for servicing and easy access.

Two large camera poles were added to the sign for security reasons. Mounted on 2 metre long poles, the cameras were mounted on the end and provide real time images of the state of the sign. These sort of details are part of our turnkey solution – we sweat the details so you don’t have to!

The installation itself was not simple! It required a number of planned stages to ensure that the works completed with a great finished result. All works were completed by rope-access given the location and height of works.

  • Remedial works on the existing building brickwork with extra bracing to support the new structure
  • Clean & paint of area
  • Two extra coats of paint

Turnkey Service – From Start to Finish

Our turnkey service ensured that all the critical elements of the project were handled by one team, to the highest professional standards. The project methodology included:

  • PAPL Permits & SWMS submission for approval;
  • Preparation of OH&S documentation including site inductions;
  • Engineering review
  • Removal and Installation methodologies;
  • Bracket and fixing manufacturing;

Make the Most of Your Assets

Our team of professionals are just a phone call away.

Our Signs & Lines/ Yap!digital promise is to take complete control of the digital signage project from start to finish.  We take your big idea, and nurture it through a glorious metamorphosis to wonderful result. Get in touch today – +61 8 9274 5151 or email

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