As outlined in our March post, our wonderful signage team are proactively managing the current COVID-19 – Coronavirus situation to ensure that we remain firmly ‘open for business’!

The last fortnight has seen some major site signage installation works involving teams on night works and teams out in the regions – it’s fair to say that whilst we are being sensible and cautious, we are definitely ensuring that sales, design, project management, production and installation teams remain fully operational.

We’re doing all we can to maintain standard delivery times and meet promised deadlines. When and if delays occur out of our control, we are advising clients. In the majority of cases these are not happening, although there maybe unforeseen restrictions as the WA border closes, international travel restrictions tighten and some materials run into short supply. Our risk management planning is working overboard to ensure these issues are not impacting delivery of sign works.

Delivery of a number of key digital car park counting signage projects has been one of our recent success stories, with great teamwork displayed by our project management, production and installation crews.

Our management team remain committed to following the advice of the Australian Government and WA Government in ensuring we protect our employees, customers and operations during this time.

  • Health Status: All our staff have that have travelled have self isolated and are coronavirus symptom free. Homemade hand sanitizer has been made widely available. Social distancing is active and we have tested working from home solutions. Our remote communication channels are (wide) open with most meetings now taking place via remote contact eg. Facetime, Zoom, WebEx . Visual health checks are in place to monitor our 24 staff at the outset of a shift.
  • Site Works: All local and site specific health protocols and regulations are being followed, in addition to our own stringent measures. Our installation works allow us to travel across regions with the necessary paperwork.

We hope that you will continue to engage Signs & Lines as your preferred, professional, sign provider of choice.

Keep well & stay healthy.

Mark & Josie


For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mark Simmonds, Director                                    Josie Simmonds, Business Manager

08 9274 5151 / 0407 199576                                08 9274 5151 / 0419 956346                           


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