Bright New Wayfinding Signage

Stunning bright wayfinding signage at Brightwater Central in Inglewood, WA. Using Turner Design branding visuals our team have manufactured and installed a range of new signs. The result? Clear, crisp and coherent information for the new pylon and directional signage styling. Nice!

The external signage was commissioned for Brightwater’s facility in WA. Located in Inglewood, ‘Brightwater The Village’ has been designed specifically for people living with dementia.

Making a Sign Step by Step

Do you know what is involved to make a sign? What many people don’t realise is that the sign might go through over 10 steps during its evolution. What is seen once installed on site goes through a well executed process of production at Signs & Lines to create the finished product.

The process may take a few days or extend into weeks or months, depending on the scope of works. Sometimes the creativity comes from our 3 in-house designers, but other times it will be provided by a design agency – such as Turner Design in this case. Our design team may create stylish visuals to demonstrate how a sign will look once finished in-situ. Or they may create meticulous ‘drafting’ shop drawings showing every corner, angle, screw and production methodology. As they say, the devil is in the detail.

Benefits of an In-House Signage Service

There are many benefits for keeping all the processes to create great signage under one roof. Our in-house services which happen in our Midvale offices and factory for this Brightwater project included:-

  • creative brief & interpretation;
  • design and shop drawings;
  • engineering (if required);
  • fabrication of steel frames;
  • routering of all sign elements;
  • spraypainting to brand colours;
  • print and graphics elements;
  • assembly of all components;
  • QC check & preparation for installation;
  • installation;
  • project managment (if required).
Watching a Sign Evolve

It’s an exciting evolution. From paper sketches and computer visuals, to detailed drawings and then the magic really starts to happen as individually and collectively our team put their skills to the test to develop the finished signage products. Once assembled and ready for despatch, the installation teams swing into action. Bearing the elements, the general public, the work at heights or excavating in tricky locations, our impressive installation teams finish the signs in situ. And bingo, the metamorphasis is complete!

Let us Make Your Next Signage Project Come to Life

Let us create the magic for your next signage project. We’re here to help – our sales team can offer over 80 years cumulative signage experience and advice. And importantly, when quality and professionalism are what you need, we will swing into action.

For bright new wayfinding signage call +8 9274 5151 or email today:


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